Inspection Fees

How we set our Prices

You don’t have to call us to find our prices, as stated, we don’t charge call-out fees for the initial inspection and therefore the prices you see below are all you’ll have to pay and they are regulated by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Inspection Fees – Safety Certificates (Any vehicle under 4.5t)

Motor Vehicles up to 4.5t GVM | $84.70
Trailers over 0.75t up to 3.5t ATM | $42.40
Motorcycles | $54.40

Certificate of Inspection (Applies to vehicles over 4.5t)

Light vehicles up to and including 4.5t GVM (CL) | $86.15
Motor vehicles over 4.5t up to 16t GVM | $120.90
Motor vehicles over 16t GVM | $151.35
Trailers or semitrailers over 3.5t ATM | $68.60

Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme (HVRAS)

All trailers and vehicles | $110